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About Daija Roy

Daija Roy is a Mother, Published Author, Evangelist, and Minister of the gospel. She operates as a source of support and inspiration for all whom encounter her. Many have referred to her as a “ball of energy” due to her energetic and jovial demeanor. Daija is never hesitant to lend a helping hand or deposit a word of encouragement to anyone in need. Daija’s faithful commitment and obedience to God’s voice, guidance and instructions is what sets her apart. During one of the most trying seasons of her life as she sought the Lord for understanding and clarity; she asked God what the purpose was in all that she was experiencing. After months and months of silence, she kept knocking, and one day he responded by giving her the burning desire to be of Godly counsel to those struggling in their faith, the broken, the wounded and the weak. She accepted the assignment.

Continually searching for ways to edify herself and Gods people she embarked on her newest venture. It was at her great grandmother’s 100th birthday party that she heard the voice of the Lord tell her, the secret to the long life and priceless smile her great grandmother maintained throughout her lifetime was, “Just God and Good Vibes”. She then set out to show up as “God’s goodness” in the earth. Daija has organized many charitable events, giveaways and raffles amongst other things, to be of help to those in need. It is her selfless giving that embodies what the Just God and Good Vibes Ministry truly represents.

Published Author
Minister of the gospel

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