We are not just a ministry but we are a community of  people who understands it takes a village to stay in faith, and if we lock arms and cling to Gods unchanging hand together our faith will override the facts and much will be accomplished! 

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We appreciate every tithe, seed sown, and love offering as it allows us to continue to grow the ministry in areas conducive for your breakthrough so your soul can prosper, and we cannot do it without your support! We pray for everyone in general, and we personally pray over every tithe, love offering, and seed sown, so give your seed a destination! 


Anytime I sow I always tell the sender this seed is specifically for this area so they aren’t praying amiss! God is faithful to perform and you shall see what you believe! Keep standing on the promise of God, and the will of God will be your portion! I am the evidence!!!! God saved me and my faith made me whole!

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